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I had a feeling you might have blogged about this fellow in the past.

This is weird and confusing. Gordon Maag is now running nightly ads on the Springfield TV station. Springfield is in the Fourth Appellate. One possible explanation is the southern reaches of Channel 20 might extend into the Fifth District. If so, that's one thing.

Another thing, the content of his ad gives one the impression, "Whoa! That's one right-wing Republican if I ever seen or heard one." Imagine my astonishment when I looked him up on the web and found that he lists himself as a Democrat. There's a lot of other interesting tidbits to be found, too.

Last thing, I don't know what his ads say down your way, but his ad up here basically speak on behalf of the tort reform.


Marie: I'm a plaintiffs' lawyer and a Democrat. Maybe it would surprise you, but I'm AGAINST frivolous lawsuits. (By the way, are there really many "frivolous" lawsuits--ones unjustified on the facts and the law? As I've said on this weblog before, any lawyer who filed them would go broke. It's definitely not the problem that the "tort reformers" say it is, but when it happens, I've been a vocal opponent.)

Anyway, did the ads in your part of the state say that Judge Maag was against frivolous lawsuits? Good. He should be. All lawyers should be too.


I completely understand your point and agree. I've been reading your weblog long enough to know where you stand.

In my almost 30 years as a legal secretary, I saw only one frivilous lawsuit. It was a case that should never have been filed in the first place. That was about 1977 and it happened to be a medical malpractice case. The process to even get such a case filed has changed a little since then. I think.

Somehow the words "frivilous lawsuit" have gotten into the political speech. It strikes hard at people's emotions. I believe Judge Maag does mention same in his ad.

Jared Hunter

Karmeier Wins Landslide!


Jared: That's the headline, all right! Congratulations to Judge Karmeier.

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