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Avoiding said witty digs, name-calling, and ungenerous characterizations was why I just trackbacked to the Clerk and some of his principle debate partners, and posted my own take on the case on my own blog. (My conclusion: if it's wrong, the verdict is more likely an aberration, rather than as something indicative of a basic flaw in the law or the civil justice system. Curious if you agree, Evan.)

Yeah, stuff gets less traffic that way. But few people pursue me to my own blog to just to insult me gratuitously. Hmmm. Where's that "make blog public" toggle on TypePad's control panel?


Damn, Beldar! I've got my post written already, and it ends with a link to your post. So you stole my thunder, sort of. But I want you to know I read your post already, before you mentioned it here. And yes, I very much agree.


Well, hell, you run this place, just delete the whole damn thing. My comment, your reply, this comment. That's what being the blogger-in-chief is all about!

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