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David Giacalone

As to the "fictional" notion: AnonEsq might actually be alluding to the concept of a "legal fiction" -- something accepted as true with little or no real justification.

Or, of course, like virtually every novel set in a contemporary timeframe, AnonEsq might be covering his/her behind (to prevent lawsuits for libel or just anger from thinly-disquised subjects). As in:

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

Finally, I like this quote from the Law.com dictionary: There is an old adage: "Fictions arise from the law, and not law from fictions."

Rufus T. Firefly

Evan, great minds think alike, or in our case, your great mind and my extremely mediocre mind. Yesterday, I left a comment here at Stay of Execution, where I said the same thing, in between some incoherent horn blowing because, you know, it's all about me. Anyway, here's what I said:

"...very few of them appear to get what I think is the point of the site, and the reason why it is so brilliant: it’s fiction. My opinion is that AL is an elaborate creative writing project that unfolds daily by someone familiar with that kind of large firm. My guess would be a senior associate who has either left or is about to leave is the author. Everything is exaggerated for comic effect. And the tone of the author, the droll snottiness, is perfect, but completely satirical."

David Giacalone

Hey, Roof, in the practice of law, the correlation between droll snottiness and truth is often quite high. But, you know that.

Federalist No. 84

Evan wrote: "I’d like to hear about the political infighting between the partners, the pressures of competition from other big firms, the way that politically-imposed changes to the legal system might affect big-firm economics, and so on."

Brilliant Evan! Perhaps you have pegged the author's subclass - a senior associate. Where as a Sr. would know all about recruiting, he or she would not be privy to the partner's in-fighting. Thus, the absence of posts of these squabbles could speak volumes. Thus, in the process of potentially pegging AL's role in the firm, you return us to a great question: When is silence hearsay!

Man, I *almost* want to be injured badly enough that you could be my lawyer. Well, I don't even almost want to get injured. But you get the point.

Prof. Yabut

Well, Fed84, while not wishing you an injury, I'm certain Evan is hypothetically thankful for one-third of whatever damages you might ever be entitled to, and is just hoping liability is clear and defendant pockets are deep.

Federalist No. 84

Prof. Yabut, I am certain that the tort reformers (perhaps the boys at overlawyered?) will gladly take on Evan, a greedy trial lawyer, for $500 - $1000 an hour, plus expenses. After all, it really does cost $.25 a page in "overhead" to make a photocopy and $1-5 to receive a fax. ;^>


84, If you're lucky, you live in upstate NY and can hire these guys, with their Fair Fee Promise.

If you have to use Evan, negotiate that fee. And, remind him that the defense bar quakes in fear at Swashbuckling Schaeffer, the Pirate of Madison County.


ethicalEsq: You remind me that Melvin Belli used to hang the skull and crossbones outside his offices in San Francisco. I can't remember why exactly, but maybe he was a swashbuckler too.

Federalist No. 84

EthESQ, Famed lawyer J. Tony Serra has a sign reading "Honest lawyers upstairs" in the stairway leading to his office.

Andrew Graham

I'm convinced Anonymous Lawyer is in fact a viral marketing campaign for Research In Motion, makers of the Blackberry. He certainly writes about it enough (but not so much that it's overkill), and law firms are one of that product's biggest consumers.

I'm only half joking.


law firms are one of that product's biggest consumers. No Joke!

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