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Please note: After this post had been up at least an hour, I violated good weblogging ethics by changing this post slightly to correct a minor but obvious logical error. My apologies.


Well, I guess I'm a cynic. I suspect there *are* people out there who get their political cues from the Boss, just as there are probably people out there who vote a certain way because Ben Affleck does. I call those people "morons". My hope is that there are few enough of them to make any real difference in American politics.

But given Springsteen's popularity vs. the number of people he will *actually* influence in a given election (face it, like me, most Springsteen fans didn't like Bush in the first place!), calling for a boycott because you don't like his politics doesn't seem to me like it would be particularly effective. Frankly, it just makes the person calling for a boycott look like an a**hole.


Dave!--All good points. I guess I'm not enough of a cynic. As for looking like an a-hole, you're correct, although in this case, Ms. O'Grady did get her name in the newspapers--and even in some weblogs!

How is Ben Affleck voting, by the way? I admit I really haven't been keeping up on my pop-culture political barometers. For shame!


There's an interesting article on this subject in the Tennessean.


Yes, Bruce's career will survive O'Grady. However, if Kerry keeps playing his songs, I might find myself overdosed on the stuff.

Eliminating minor logical flaws is a noble thing, and not impolite. If only more folks noticed their own logical flaws and corrected them.

On the other hand, Even, where's your typo/mindo posse? Don't "Will be their new Magic 8-Ball be Bob Dylan?" need a minor correction?

Finally, will Affleck survive that duck and vice-versa?


ethicalEsq: I fixed the error as per your suggestion. Sometimes I write the first draft or two in Latin, then translate back into English--when I write that way, the verbs can end up anywhere. I hope you understand.


I thought German or Ebonics might be your first-draft language, Evan. No cash for editing assistance? Send it to your favorite non-legal (but lawful) charity.


ethicalEsq: Well, you would have been entitled to $20, but you posted the edit in a comment rather than sending an e-mail, thereby violating the "Ted Frank rule." It was announced here: "From now on, please give me your corrections by e-mail rather than in the comments. The only exception I'll make is for Ted Frank of overlawyered, as long as he's pointing out an error for free."

As a frequent and much-welcomed commenter, I didn't want to publicly chide you. But with your last comment, you left me no choice. I hate to call you out on a technicality, but I've paid out $700 in copyediting fees, as I think I'll mention in an upcoming post, so I've got to take advantage of the rules when I can.


I had a nagging feeling that you had instituted some overly-complicated rule to cut down on disbursements from your copyediting fund. That's why I suggested sending the fee to a charity. No hard feelings on my part, as I'm one for playing by the rules, so long as they are fairly posted.

Since the above-referenced hyperlink won't give me access, yielding a large Error Notice, I'll just take your unedited word for it. Good thing I trust p/i lawyers implicitly.


Trust p/i lawyers? I most certainly don't. Be sure to watch out for yourself.

The link works for me.


There is a difference between taking political cues from Springsteen versus an musician who rarely deals with political themes. Springsteen's endorsement has no influence on my political choices, but I probably have been influenced in all kinds of ways by themes in his songs.
It is easy for me to say who cares who Frank Sinatra or Barbara Streisand supports for president because my thinking is "why should a care about the politics of a talented singer?"
On the other hand it is hard to listen to Springsteen's songs and imagine him as a hard right-winger.


It's kind of hard to say that "American Skin (41 Shots)" is critical of the police if you (get this) actually know what the lyrics say. If one reads the lyrics and actually listens to what they say and doesn't just rely on the subject matter, it is easy to see that the song is either neutral or fairly sympathetic to a cop facing down someone in a dark vestibule.

Springsteen uses other similarly "subtle" lyrics, "Born in the USA" is by no means a Patriotic song though Reagan used it as such, and "Born to Run" is not pro-NJ (reportedly the chamber of commerce wanted to use it). It is about escaping NJ. This ends the evenings non-law flight of fancy.

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