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I recently posted on my 5-day weekend in Canada, complete with ruminations on 4th Amendment protections (or lack thereof) in the Great White North.


UCL: Funny, I was thinking about this post of yours today. In your post, some Canadian students lying on a beach are searched for alcohol. It had me thinking about the times in high school and college when U.S. police officers conducted similar searches of me and my friends. We didn't know enough to say no; besides, the point was harassment, not collecting evidence. (As you know, the way the rules work, if police officers don't care about having evidence tossed out, there's no disincentive for them not to harass). [One of my "partners in crime"--although there was no crime--went on to join the CIA.]

In the same vein, did you see this interesting post by Federalist No. 84 at Crime & Federalism?


Evan: "if police officers don't care about having evidence tossed out, there's no disincentive for them not to harass"

Unfortunately that is a true statement, even in our beloved constitutional republic. Still, although I sympathize to a degree with Fed84, I doubt most Americans understand how good they really have it when it comes to police intrusion in their daily lives, compared to citizens of other countries (including most western democracies).

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