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Rufus T. Firefly

Hmmm. He claims that you "and the Anonymous Lawyer are, by wide consensus, the only two humorous legal bloggers." Well, if that's the wide consensus then I guess there's no point in my continuing.


Rufus: Pull your head out of the oven and quit pouting. I don't know what "consensus" Dennis was talking about, but I don't remember being polled. Had I been, I would have said that you're the funniest.

Remember, however, to be careful what you wish for. First they'll call you the funniest, then they'll call you a "humorist," then they'll call you a "teller of jokes about lawyers," and soon no one will read you anymore. Who wants to read jokes about lawyers? I don't. I get enough of that from my in-laws. And funny weblogs? Those are the ones that get read late at night after the work is done and the kids are in bed . . . in short, hardly ever.

See what I mean? I would much rather be known as the most literary legal weblog, or the legal weblog that makes the most intelligent use of metaphor, or something like that.

Wait. What am I saying? That would be even worse than the alternative. I'm going to have to think about this one a little more.

Federalist No. 84

I've seen Evan "in person" twice, so there goes Point 5. I too obsessively read and analyze AL's blog, so Points 1 & 4 could apply to me as well. Evan has true confidence and thus likes to help people out, so the "trial balloon" theory of Point 6 is out the door.

That being said...you know...the other points are persuasive...Evan could be the anonymous lawyer.

Federalist No. 84

Also, AL is obsessed with partner-associate sex; Evan posted on partner-associate sex in an "advice" column. Also, the AL's voice does resemble the Machiavellian Lawyer's, doesn't it?

Hmmm...Evan, the jig is up!

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