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Jeremy Richey

I started my own blog due to an article written by one Evan Schaeffer that was printed by the Illinois State Bar Association and the Ohio State Bar Association.

I have even emailed the before mentioned Evan Schaeffer and received a reply.

On the other hand, at one point in time I did do a Martindale search for Evan and came up with nothing. Perhaps the ATLA people have taking care of this glitch by now. :)

It HAS to be a conspiracy... :)


"Evan's" Martindale listing can be found here. The fact that address listing is out-of-date is somewhat odd, and we're forming another committee to investigate.


So if there's no Evan, who did I have my imaginary lunch with? Some ATLA flunky? I'm getting the willies just thinking about it.

David Giacalone

Sherry, did you say you had lunch with Willie Gary?! Fasten your seatbelt!

David Giacalone

Talk about virtual agita! Evan, please delete two-thirds of my replies to Scheherazade.


Scheherazade: "Evan" was, unfortunately, a figment of your imagination, accomplished with some mirrors, four body doubles, and some amazing work by a hypnotist who was standing behind a plant. Sorry.

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