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Dog bites? Give Sherry Fowler a call, she has a case.


If you've taken Lariam prescribed by the government and are mad as hell, you might want to make a complaint.

FDA developed the Lariam Medication Guide in collaboration with the drug's manufacturer, Roche Pharmaceuticals of Nutley, N.J., to help ensure patients understand the risks of malaria, and the rare but potentially serious psychiatric adverse events associated with use of Lariam. It also provides information on how they can recognize these psychiatric risks and take early action to prevent serious harm.

Specifically, the Lariam Medication Guide instructs patients who experience a sudden onset of certain psychiatric adverse events – anxiety, depression, restlessness or confusion – to contact a doctor or other healthcare provider because it may be necessary to stop taking Lariam and use another malaria prevention medicine.

Or...you might want to contact a trial lawyer to see if THE GOVERNMENT OWES YOU MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.


Class Action Pros and Cons How do you tell the class action pros from the cons?


Abnu: My favorite class-action con is called the "Class Action Fairness Act," which isn't at all fair, especially to federal judges.


I can't believe you left off the obligatory disclaimers! I felt my eyesight being damaged by excessive contrast while reading your ad and I got a paper cut on my finger and it got infected and I got depressed while I was hospitalized and so I can't work anymore and that ruined my sex life. Oh, yeah, and that's why I gained so much weight which is almost certain to cut years off my life. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Chris Cochran

It does seem a bit over the top. I noticed on there that you are taking Smith & Nephew knee cases. My firm, Pittman, Hooks, Dutton, Kirby & Hellums, is also taking Smith & Nephew knee cases. We have worked out a tolling agreement that may be of help to you. If you have any questions, please give me a call (205)322-8880. You can visit our site at www.pittmanhooks.com


Chris: You get the grand prize for having absolutely no sense of irony. The award? I will send you each and every one of my Smith & Nephew knee cases. Hoo-ya!!!

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