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Larry Staton Jr.

Mac users can use Apple+Tab to switch between open applications. Mac users can also use Exposé to quickly show the desktop (F11) or to show all open windows of all active applications (F9) or show all open windows of a particular application (F10). In addition, Mac users can also hold down the Option and Apple keys while clicking on the desktop to hide all open applications. Finally, Mac users can Apple + ~ to switch between open windows in a particular application. For example, if you have one Web browser window open to Notes from the (Legal) Underground and another open to Lexis, you can quickly switch between the windows to hide your true feelings about the class. Of course, I never do this on my Powerbook.


Thanks -- as one of the masses who traded stability for compatability, I wasn't sure what the options were.


Sheesh. Evan, you'll let absolutely anyone guest blog here. I was wondering what Justin was doing while I got grilled in Crim Pro yesterday.

The best solution to avoid the wandering eyes of your professor is to sit in the back row.


this is incredible. i'm not a law student (i'm currently finishing the last year of my Bachelor of Education) but i'll be blogging during class for almost certain this year. i have a mac, so i knew about alt-tab and i love my trusty expose, but the other options are fantastic! although, i am going to need to upgrade on the RAM but still, this is incredible! i *LOVE* school!!! :)


Steve: Scheherazade Fowler did a post about seat selection not too long ago. In a comment to the post, I also mentioned sitting in the back, but it wasn't so I could avoid the wandering eyes of my professor. In those days, we didn't have weblogs to distract us, so we didn't have to hide them from professors. I sat in the back mostly because I had this recurring feeling that I was going to have to stand up and run away, and I wanted to be close to the door.


Steve -- I wrote this during Admin Law. While you were getting grilled in Crim Pro I was alternating between feeling sorry for you and restraining my laughter.


Wow, look at all the Mac love here! I would be remiss if I didn't mention one more option we lucky Mac users have when we want to quickly hide what we're really doing from the rest of the world: Command-H. This little key combo will hide all windows from the current application and switch you to the last-used application. So if you have a dozen windows (or tabs, if you're using a modern browser like Safari or Mozilla) open and you're surfing away when the Prof decides to wander back your direction, just make sure your notes are open behind the browser, and when the Prof arrives, hit a quick Command-H and your browser will be gone in a flash, leaving you looking like a dedicated student, busily taking down every precious word that drops from your professor's lips.

I really don't read blogs in class, though. I can't. GW has carefully ensured that most classrooms don't have wireless access. People end up playing a lot of solitaire....


I've had to restrain myself from laughing during some in-class instant message sessions. One time it was so funny I started coughing to cover up.

Jeremy Richey

From my Trusts & Estates syllabus: "Laptops may be used in the classroom only for notetaking; any other uses must be expressly authorized by the instructor. Unauthorized use of the laptop will result in a loss of laptop privileges in the class for the remainder of the semester (including use on the final exam).


Jeremy: You're not going to let the fine print in a syllabus stop you from reading weblogs in class, are you? But even if you are, the language would seem to apply only to Trusts & Estates, leaving you free to surf in torts, contracts, property, etc. Right?

Jeremy Richey


Believe it or not, I take notes the old fashioned way. I usually don't bring my laptop to school.

Now, the trick would be to use some other type of device to read blogs with. The syllabus says "laptops." If the professor intended to exclude other types of devices, she certainly could have included them on the syllabus. Expressio unis, exclusio alterius?


Jeremy: I'm embarrassed that I didn't think of that myself. And I call myself a lawyer!

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