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We did manage to completely redo the cochran website while he was down and out:



Nice job on the website, Jenna. "Do You Have A Case?" is a very user-friendly lead generator. I think that's really smart. I'm not so sure about the photos of the Evil Trial Lawyer and Mini Me on the home page, though. I guess the idea behind the two identical photos on the same page is to reinforce the Cochran brand--that all the partners are clones of Johnnie Cochran.


Do I have a case against The Cochran Firm for copyright infringement for the blatant abuse of the name of my book to promote their website?

David Giacalone

I don't know, John, it might be the other way around.

By the way: are you related to Cher and other mononymous celebrities?


I can't take credit for the site. Actually the guys behind it are our New Orleans office (www.thecochranfirmno.com ) They are our techno geeks.

The clone statement left me inhaling my coffee. I'm just grateful the mini-me's aren't ALL wearing the pimp suits. It's actually kind of funny. In his book, Johnnie talks about his "sense of fashion". He blames a jewish boy he went to school with.

John, darling, it'd be an interesting debate to say the least ;)


He is dead....what was the tumor?


Most news artiles say that Johnnie died of an inoperable brain tumor. Did he have a biopsy Cedars-Sinai or an operation? What kind of brain tumor did he have?


What doctor would operate on Johnnie Cochran? Or any trial lawyer for that matter? I suppose its like picking up a rattlesnake. If they bite you, you should have known better.


Jeff, I'm only saying this because, perhaps, no one else ever has -- You have no class.

Cindy G

I would imagine it was a Glioblastoma. It is the worst of all brain tumors. It can be removed but literally grows back within days. It has "fingers" that go deep within the brain and soon becomes inoperable or untreatable.


I know his Tumor was not operable. Where was it and what was its classification?

cindy g

Penny, than you don't know about Glioblastomas.


My Dad died about a month ago from a glioblastoma brain tumor. Its a horrible thing, but the good of it is - if there is any good - is that it can be a painless way to go for the victim. Its not painless for the family, however. Pray for them.

David Martin

My daughter has an inoperable low-grade glioma located on the right dorsal pons. All that can be done is to monitor her with MRIs for changes. I would like to know what kind of tumor Cochran had.


It's tragic...suffering from a brain tumor.

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