How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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David Giacalone

You're a shrewd one, Evan, doing whatever you can to pump up your search-engine referer hits. You must have read my TISK! report concerning the consequences of having the innocent headline "Hyundai Horsepower Settlement Hogtied -- Editor Cowed" at ethicalEsq.

Have you no shame?


David: I don't think information-seekers who get here through searches unrelated to the regular topics on this weblog stay very long, if at all--so I don't care about them. I did like your "TISK!" report, however--I think you must be the shrewd one.

David Giacalone

Aw, shucks. I'm just a li'l ol'(non)country (ex)lawyer. I wouldn't know a keyword from a keester. But, I have been watching Schaeffer the Link-Mesiter.


Drinking. Smoking. Screwing. We don't smoke anymore, and none of us are exactly Casanovas or Lotharios, but...don't be shocked here...we do enjoy a tipple every now and again. That's why we love this book. Instead of vilifying folks who like to take a drink, it's all about "a martini before and a cigarette after," if you know what we mean. It includes stories by Bukowski and Buchwald, Mencken and Miller, Thurber and Twain, and a bunch more besides. And there's useful information in there too...from how to survive an office holiday party, to the etymology of the cocktail to the joys and dangers of the Green Death (and no, it's not absinthe).

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