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Prof. Yabut

Geez, the only appellate judge I ever met (not counting Justice Breyer, who taught me antitrust but had no time to supervise my 3L paper, unless I did it on his current research project; no further comment needed), was Harry Edwards himself. As Prof. Edwards, Harry T. taught labor law, so he might be able to point Howie to materials on striking and maybe equal opportunity. I sure wish I could help Howard with his real problem, but it's not my specialty.

David Giacalone

Issa and I have a moon haiku for Mr. B.S.Man:

vain man...
the autumn moon

This moon's for you, Howard!


David: On this weblog, at least, can't we all be friends? Arguably, I started it, but now I feel bad.

But wait . . . I didn't start it. I note this earlier post at The Uncivil Litigator, which links to still another post at another weblog.

So I'm not the only one who read Howard's plea for help. But I'm the only one taking it seriously--trying, that is, to get the word out to appellate judges everywhere to STEP FORWARD AND BE INTERVIEWED.


I considered clicking through to offer my services for the sure-to-be-popular "20 questions for a recent law school graduate from a 2nd tier school who is on a 24 hour watch of mble.org to see if she passed the bar" feature.

But I thought I'd wait until he's more desperate. And I need a pithier title.

David Giacalone

Compared to UCL, I'm being downright kind, not to mention civil. (Issa wrote that haiku a couple centuries ago, so I can't vouch for his intentions.) Meanwhile, it warms my heart to see that you're trying so hard to be helpful.

But, seriously, 20 Questions is the only substantive part of that hyper-linky weblog, so I do hope the feature continues.


David: I completely agree with your last statement, despite my tongue-in-cheekiness.

Rain Man

Wait a sec here. HB wants to pout, and you want to give him a toy to play with so he won't pout anymore? I say the best response to pouting is to ignore it. If HB wants to lessen his own blog by subtracting its only substantive feature, I say let him. It's his blog--he has the right to screw it up if he wants to. It won't ruin my day.


It's his blog--he has the right to screw it up if he wants to. It won't ruin my day.

I no longer read HA. If I want to know what's going on in the appellate world, I check out the slip opinions available online. It takes less time doing it this way than wading through junk storied. Besides, I can easily spot the decisions I care about - they begin with "United States v."

Jeremy Richey

I like 20 Questions too. I hope it continues. Howard, ignore your detractors.

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