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Jeremy Richey

Evan, how long has it been since you were in law school?

As a current 2L, I can verify that this is still very good advice.

First politics, and then exam advice. I wonder what in the world will be next :)


Jeremy: Thanks for the verification, which is much appreciated. Alhtough I graduated in 1990, I have it on good authority that law school doesn't change very much from year to year.

second career

You didn't need to know case names. Sadly, over here in Hong Kong, we DO have to know case names! (I think it's a British thing.) Nevertheless, good advice on exam prep; thanks!


Aye, excellent advice! Fortunately only two of my four classes have exams this semester.

Federalist No. 84

I always used the "Law in a Flash" series. I found them to most most helpful on final exams, since there are thousands of issues to stop. And it saves my brain to let someone else create the issues for me.


No. 84: When time was a problem, I found the Law in a Flash series helpful too. And when I wrote once about having flashcards in my car, it was that type of flashcards about which I was writing.


Bless you. This advice will, I hope, guide this unworthy mortal in his toils towards becoming a lower-rung demon. :-) I second what Jeremy said, this is very useful advice.


Excellent post.

I call it fact-spotting. As you read through an exam, realize that every single word has been chosen deliberately, and then ask yourself why those choices have been made. Each fact is often a separate issue, so make sure there's no sentence left blank as you annotate the exam.


This is great. I definitely need to try and build this into my outlines.

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