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Yeah, but who's going to hire a PI lawyer that might tell the jury, "I'm so certain that my client deserves compensation that I don't care if you award him any!"?


Matt: Excellent point!


Personally, I think that Trump firing Bradford was the DUMBEST thing that Trump has done to date!

Bradford did the honorable thing in waiving his immunity.

Brad contributed greatly to the team effort and he should have been allowed to continue!

I think there should be some popular support to get Bradford back onto the show!

Maybe we should get an e-mail campaign started to tell the Donald how badly he fucked up!



Zed: Good idea. Frankly, however, I'm up to my neck at the moment in e-mail campaigns and Google-bombs. If you decide to take a stab at it yourself, please feel free to reference this post!


Evan, you obviously don't subscribe to my links feed otherwise you'd have seen this article: http://www.law.com/jsp/article.jsp?id=1095207116694 last night on BC.


Kevin: Damn. That article would have saved me some from having to Google so much. (By the way, I receive an email from law.com every day, but didn't get one today for some reason.)

Upon reading the article, I'm glad to see that my reporting was more or less accurate. My advice to Bradford stands.

Martin Tobias

thanks for the trackback. I think the Donald made a mistake. But then again he has more money than me.


How is a criminal defense lawyer not a trial lawyer? I'd say criminal lawyers are closer to being real trial lawyers than PI lawyers. (Forget "closer". They ARE real trial lawyers.)

Anyway, my jaw dropped at the stupidity of Bradford's move, and I thought exactly the same thing Matt did: is he going to in front of a judge and pompously declare, "Your honor, my client is such a great guy that I waive ALL of his constitutional rights for absolutely no reason!"

The Donald was right to can him.


Am I the only one who would never consider retaining a lawyer who was such a fame whore that he went on a reality TV show?

Kevin J. Heller

Well then it looks like you can't retain a damn bunch of them since it seems like they populate those things more than any other profession.


The Apprentice Trial Lawyer: Bradford M. Cohen for the defense, Your Honor.

Justice Trumpet: I've read the pleadings and I'm inclined to dismiss the Plaintiff's case, as it appears to be a day out of time under the relevant Statute of Limitations requiring notice of claim against your client be given in writing within a prescribed time after the cause of action became known to the Plaintiff.

The Apprentice Trial Lawyer: Your Honor, I object. The Plaintiff doesn't stand a chance against me. I've done my research. My client will be billed for all this research, anyway. I can win this one on the merits of the case. I'm not afraid of the Plaintiff, or his big New York City lawfirm. They don't know how good I am. I am confident I can win on the merits of my client's case, and I am sure that you will be fair and will make a wise ruling, Your Honor. With all due respect to Your Honor's inclination to let my client rely on immunity under the Statute of Limitations, I just don't want to win the case that way. I'm hereby waiving my client's immunity under the Statute of Limitations.

Justice Trumpet: You're Disbarred!


UCL: I agree completely with your point about criminal lawyers, and apologize to all those criminal lawyers I unintentionally offended. Perhaps I wasn't expressing myself clearly. Bradford told Katie Couric that he was a "trial lawyer" not a "criminal defense lawyer." So it seemed to me--given the way "trial lawyer" is used lately to mean "plaintiffs' lawyer," as has been discussed on this site--that he was emphasizing the p/i part of his practice. But when I hunted around, it turned out Bradford doesn't seem to have much of a track record as a p/i lawyer, so I figured what he really meant was that he was he's planning on moving in that direction. Hence my advice.

Larry cain

I saw Mr. Cohen's website and it appears that he has sued cities for officers intentional actions in addition to representing white collar crime cases. I believe what we are all fogetting is that he was a male on a all female team trying to blend in he waived his immunity. I thought it was ingenius and trump did what he had to for ratings. I heard them speak at an AMA meeting and trump could not stop talking about how great Mr. Cohen was and what leadership abilities he has. I wonder how the team does without him.

Bruce Jones, MD

Bradford Cohen has been a friend to my son, Michael, for many years. I have always observed him to be a very high energy, brilliant individual who can speak on any subject with intelligence. He is exactly the person he says and shows he is at all times and is fearless. He also has never put down anybody I have ever known nor hurt anybody. He is the positive young man I have ever encountered. He has never taken advantage of anybody and takes full responsibility of all his actions. This may be "stupid" in the opinion of a unscrupulous megamaniac like Trump but he should have a tenth the integrety of this fine young man. I will no longer view Trump's show and will encourage everyone I know to do the same.

Linda Bocchino

I have owned and run a small company for 25 years. I know leadership skills when I see them. I was enjoying watching a man that was ALL man and wasn't intimidated by joining a bunch of women. It took strength of character to break from the o'l boys. I liked his team effort when he gave up immunity to "fight in the trenches" with his team. He should have been praised for that. I think that Trump just couldn't part with any of the women just yet. Especially ones named Ivana. If I needed an attorney I would definately want a leader like Bradford.


I am amazed by the passion this "controversy" has inspired. A couple of my friends, husband and wife, were embarassed to tell me the other night that they got into an argument with one another because they disagreed so strongly with one another on this issue. In the end, is it really all that important? Obviously not. But that doesn't mean it's not an interesting question.

It's easy to say, "If I needed an attorney I would want someone like Bradford," when you don't actually NEED an attorney. Let's see how you feel about that once you've been charged with capital murder, or once you're in charge of deciding who will manage $1 million of your hard-earned money. I know of no personal characteristic in either business or law that requires someone to do what Bradford did. First, I reject his after-the-fact rationalization that he gave up his immunity for benevolent reasons. Listen to what he is saying prior to his making that decision. He was not being benevolent. He was being arrogant, and cocky. So arrogant and cocky that he lost his ability to make simple, rational decisions, which led to the brash, irrational and foolish decision that led to his demise. Do you want someone like that as your CEO? Do you want someone like that in charge of your life?


I believe that you would want someone like that as a CEO, or might you prefer one who runs a company down to nothing and takes a 30 million dollar pension? Bradford is one that would not take the pension he has the character that would give it back to the company. That would do anything to see his company succeed. Quite honestly, he wins like his bio says. He was in charge of an all women team and won. As for whether or not you would want him as an attorney, the young man (willie williams) he most recently represented was looking at mandatory prison time for violating his probation. Mr. Cohen got him additional probation.

Now lets see what happens to the women without him.


Lastly, all this discussion means one thing for Bradford, more business and speaking engagements. Believe me I saw him the Friday after he got fired and not only was he an eloquent speaker but charming and witty with the reporters. I personally think he may have a career in television.


Dont be "amazed" by the controversy. It is something that people feel strongly about because it demostrates what goes on in america these days. The hardworker who puts his neck on the line gets canned. The show is certainly a machination of a program, but to say Bradford did something stupid or unthinking that is simply untrue. You would have thought it genius if Mr. Trump exhaulted his virtues. Yet because a man only concerned with his self image, says it was a stupid mistake, it becomes a stupid mistake.

I find UCLs postings to be taking a huge leap from what Bradford did on a reality show to what he woudl do in a court room. I see from his web site that he has sued cities and municipalities, as well as coincidentally, representing a white collar crime case for nearly 1 million dollars.

But I went further, I check with the bar in florida and found out that he has never had a bar complaint in his 7 years of practice. Let us all remember this is a reality show. None the less I am sure Bradford will make the most of his fame. (i have seen him on many shows, very personable) He will probably make the most out of all of them.

Margee Lee

One thing everyone is overlooking - Trumps book "The Art Of The Deal". The first Apprentice the applicants made it known they had read his book, and admired it. Nobody from this one has said anything about the book. If Bradford had done his homework he would have read that one of Trump's rules is never, never give up an advantage. Never. Which is exactly what Bradford did, in a silly attempt to impress Trump, and his teammates (whom he treated as a bunch of young girls he was going to have to keep an eye on - even when he was no longer the manager).

The guy made a very stupid move, and it blew up in his face.

Good riddance.


If you read Trumps books, which it sounds like you do. He also holds deep regard for Guliani who states that to gain the respect of those you hold accountable you yourself must be accountable. I believe this is what Bradford was thinking. I believe you do not know the meaning of true leadership. In addition it appears Bradford would have had to keep an eye on these "girls" as they have not won since Bradford was the leader.

As for not giving up and advantage, dont take what the donald says as the almighty he also says and I quote "you never blame yourself;you have to blame something else. If you do somthing bad, never, ever blame yourself." Nice one DON.


Great post Doug, I have to agree. True leadership stems from a respect from your team and you cannot gain that respect without showing respect. I beleive Bradford was attempting to do that, show respect for his team by saying he would stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

In regards to young girls, it looks like that is how they act. If my daughter acted like these women on the show I would ground her for weeks. It portrays a very bad image for women in the work place, if I was margee I would worry about that more then the gesture Bradford made to bring this team together.


I dont think the analogy of waiving a clients rights is a good example. The only person Bradford put at risk was himself. I mean I am just a 2L but it seems that your logic is flawed. To me it seems that he was saying judge me on my merit, like everyone else. In that way there is no "class system" within the group. It seems that it is a ridiculous rule in a business show. Why would you need to tempt someone to take the lead with a reward? I thought the show was to showcase your skills as a leader.

Just some thoughts from a 2L


I guess his 15 minutes aren't up yet I just heard on the radio he is back on the show thursday night. By the way getting schooled on logic by the 2L...pretty funny.

Amy Latimer

I just saw Bradford on CNBC commenting on a legal case, I guess you are right his 15 minutes arent up yet.

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