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Jeremy Richey

I am skeptical. I would like to see the context this quote was in. I looked for a trancript, but was unable to come up with one.

Unfortunately, much of the world is pretty quiet about that particular remark.

The following web sites did not mention it at all:


I found some blogs that were linking to the below URL. Unfortunately, the server was done when I tried to access it. Hopefully, it will be up again soon.


If anyone out there can provide more information, I would appreciate it.


The quote is on that URL. Maybe all of the traffic from the shocked, amazed, and amused is swamping it.


It was on Drudge, so it has to be true. In context, it was clearly tongue in cheek.

David Giacalone

. . . which proves that Supreme Court Justices need to watch where they put their tongues (not to mention their cheeks).


Tongue in cheek? Seems like it should have been, but it's not clear that it was from the Harvard Crimson article. Someone please explain.


AP quotes him as follows:

"Let me make it clear that the problem I am addressing is not the social evil of the judicial dispositions I have described. I accept, for the sake of argument, for example, that sexual orgies eliminate social tension and ought to be encouraged," Scalia said with a smile.


All the talk about Scalia and orgies is funny (and more than a bit creepy) but it has drawn attention away from a more serious issue. Scalia said, "What the Fourth Amendment prohibits is ‘unnecessary’ search and seizure". For some reason I thought it said something about "unreasonable" search and seizure and even something about "probable cause" and "warrants". I think the apparent typos in his version of the Constitution explain a number of his opinions.

Federalist No. 84

Mojo - the Fourth Amendment only prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. A search is per se reasonable when it turns up inculpatory evidence. ;^>


Federalist; I almost missed the emoticon. Boy would I have felt stupid if I'd hit "post" too quickly. But it sure looked like an actual Clarence Thomas quote.

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