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I notice that you like to make fun of attorneys in general and I have a question for you that is a little off base from this post. Apparently, you like to give fun advice to those of us in constant contact with the legal world. I am a 2L, and I am not all that excited about practicing law. I enjoy law school, but I don't think that practicing law is going to make me happy. My classmates are just a lot more genuinely interested in the law than I am. And I am just a lot more genuinely interested in people than they are. I know that my law degree should help me find a job when I graduate, even if I don't work in the legal field. My dilemma is in deciding what to do with next summer. I studied abroad this past summer, so I don't have any legal experience really. The reason I am asking you is that you seem to be happy in your career choices, and I like your outlook on life. What would you do? Would you spend another year playing around and putting off dealing with the real world, or would you get a job? If you got a job, would you get a job as a summer associate at a law firm, or would you get some kind of internship that might help you get a real non-law job in the future? Whatcha think?

David Giacalone

I'm with you, Evan. Since when is tenacity equated with fame, or even notoriety? Perhaps the Atlanta chaps could sponsor a Shakespeare theme park that includes a Tomb of the Unknown Lawyer and a Statute of Champerty. Of course, there'd also be a Snack Shoppe with Whine Cellar.


The Chicago cows! I loved the Chicago cows. I saw a lot of them when I was there several times in 1998 wooing a pretty girl in the Northside neighborhhod of Andersonville. The cows were downtown. Public art is great. Nice cows!

David Giacalone

Rufus, You were still dating "girls" in 1998? Just how young are you?


The cow parade travels around the country. Needless to say, Houston's often Texas themed cows were the best.



charlsie; If I was you I would get a job working for me. Your genuinely interested in people and, lucky coincidence, I'm a person! The job doesn't pay much (any), but the experience is invaluable to someone such as yourself who is having a hard time deciding what they want to do in life. After a summer of washing my car, dishes and bunions, I don't think you'll have much trouble working up quite a bit of enthusiasm for some other field.


Charlsie: Thanks for the comment. I posted it almost in full in the next post, "Weekly Report #40," and tried to give you an answer in my own comment to the post.

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