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That is the cutest baby I have ever seen in my life! He looks like he might become the president.


Folks, you've just witnessed the first comment ever on this weblog by Andrea, my wife and partner (and Sam's mother, if you didn't figure that out). She's the one, by the way, who prohibits me from posting pictures--or even naming--the other kids, for fear that it would hatch a kidnapping plot by a criminal who also reads legal weblogs. Sam's an exception only because his looks change so quickly. But now look what she's done--attracted the attention of a weblog-reading kidnapper for sure! She's made it obvious how much she'd pay to get our baby back.

Sorry to talk behind Andrea's back, but I know she won't read this comment. Unless her own baby makes an appearance, she "doesn't have time" for weblogs. At least she didn't use the bandwidth to ask me to pick up some milk on my way home from work.


Correction: As usual with things-related-to-Andrea, I was wrong. She's actually commented before--her comment was attached to this post.

She wrote the post too, sort of. Still, two comments out of 1,605 ain't a lot.

Federalist No. 84

Unless her own baby makes an appearance, she "doesn't have time" for weblogs.

I thought she was your editor?

In any event, my wife doesn't read my blawg either. Which is probably for the best. I think what I post is pretty mild. She thinks it's subversive and controversial. Indeed, the biggest reason I remain anonymous is because my wife is afraid that people will think I'm nuts based on what I post. I'm sure we'd have some nice discussions about my (in)discretion in posting things.


Federalist No. 84: I'm live-blogging during the World Series. Bottom of the first; 2 on for the Cardinals; 1 out.

Anyway, you're right--Andrea is my editor. But she reads the posts on paper before they're published. And she doesn't read other weblogs, although sometimes I point something out to her if I can get her attention.

Back to baseball: bases loaded, 1 out, Edmonds at bat. Grand slam??


You throw in beer and he looks like every 2L during OCI. Only happy.

Editor 'n' Chef

Halloween? How 'bout every other day in the Schaeffer household.

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