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I have been disappointed with the quality of the Vioxx commercials. Could they get any worse? Are lawyers too tight to pay for a decent commercial? I saw Johnnie's commercial yesterday, and it disappointed me too. If Johnnie can't make a decent commercial, then can anyone?


JR: Ah, you must be talking about "The Lawyer Who Advertises on TV".

I've noticed some poor ads too. The poor quality might be due to the fact that advertising lawyers fell all over themselves to get their ads on the air RIGHT NOW! Lately, I've been seeing an ad that is factually inaccurate in a lot of respects. If it ever ends up on my TIVO machine, I'll post the text here and give a full critique.

Full disclosure: I advertise now and then, but rarely on TV. My public comments on Vioxx have (so far) been limited to my weblogs. I do have some Vioxx clients, though.

Vioyy recall

It is interesting that you mention that Merck knew as early as 1996 that Vioxx had problems. That would be a big piece of news.

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