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How come he came to earth to study all the lawyers on the planet but he's just looking at the American ones?


Scheherazade: I'm sure glad you checked in today, as several of my best editors were out this morning trying to get flu shots.

The goof you point out is so astonishingly obvious that I'm surprised I didn't see it myself. While such goofs must normally wait for the next edition of this weblog to be repaired, I took the liberty of inserting a new sentence to end paragraph 1. Thanks again for the input.

David Giacalone

Evan, please excuse the hyper-BackTracking that just occurred, trying to ping you -- cold fingers and an old brain are to blame. Please delete all but one -- or leave them as proof that this American Lawyer has mixed/nixed/fixed one too many metaphors.

Prof Yabut

I did not see the focus on American lawyers as a flaw in this posting, Mr. Schaeffer. If radio waves are monitored from Og, in order to decide where to spend time most effectively, the American Lawyer would surely stand out as the subject of far more radio and tv broadcasts than those of other nations.


This is all old news for those who read Og-erlawyered.com.


underserved clients -
wrong planet


Ted: It's no time to get smug. You're getting abducted too.

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