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I loved Prague - I was there earlier this year and had the best time there out of all of my travels around Europe. My top 10 recommendations (though I know you didn't ask):

1. Restaurant called Gitanes on Trziste 7, Mala Strana;
2. Stay somewhere central - there are lots of great hotels in around the Wenceslas Square - my mate stayed at the Europa, which was truly beautiful in a 1920's sort of way;
3. Take a day trip to Czesky Krumlov (but make sure the castle will be open first);
4. If you're interested in the history of the place (which I found fascinating), do one of the day tours that leave from the Old Town Square around mid-morning;
5. Go to the Opera at the State Theatre;
6. Take photos of each of the statues along the Charles Bridge;
7. Piunice Radegast - it's in the Lonely Planet - off the Old Town Square, and does cheap Czech food and Czech beer;
8. Check out the adverts for shows/venues in the tourist centres. I found a sax quartet doing Gershwin and this great little jazz club this way and both were brilliant;
9. Negotiate the price of your ticket for any shows. They know you're a tourist and will try to sell you the most expensive tickets. I got most of mine for about 1/2 the price that was originally quoted;
10. Check out the open-air markets and shops in the Jewish Quarter and in the alleyways between Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square. Often the best stuff was in the back.

I had painstakingly taught myself a couple of phrases in Czech before I went. But I never used it - everyone seemed to speak perfect English wherever I went. Although I did get bright smiles and patient corrections whenever I did use my garbled Czech to say the basic courtesies.



OLS: Great comment! Thanks a lot. I'll certainly do my best to follow your suggestions.

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