How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Dear Mixed Up, After you have stuffed Fred, you will need to find a support group to help you with your loneliness at the office. You can find people who share your problem online. Make this website your computer's home page. And get some nice speakers so the other associates will know that you are getting along just fine without a live hamster in the office.


Hmmm. This post sheds new light on the cliched phrase "trophy wives," and possibly on the phrase "scalps under your belt."


Please do not, however, cure the problem with a lack of time for friends and family by having them stuffed.



This is exactly what my grandfather did with all the deer he loves so much. He is a doctor, a general practitioner - and the last time I was in his office there were at least 30 mounted deer heads. On every place possible on the wall. Up to the ceiling. When we were children, if Papa was in a giving mood, he would take one or two off the wall and give them to my brother and me to take home. This thrilled my mother. Somehow, the deer presents always ended up in the mountain house, with the mounted wild boar and the elk, or in a locked closet.



You seem to have seen one too many episode of scrubs.


Kevin: My correspondent was a lawyer. Scrubs, I believe, is about doctors. Please explain.


Can you give me her phone number?


Come on Evan, you know Turk and JD have a stuffed dog because they don't have time to take care of a real dog. I think it is a yellow lab. I love scrubs.


Charlsie: Who would have thought the live-or-stuffed dilemma was so common? My latest TV-comedy-infatuation was Reno 911.


Man, your subtitle is aptly describes what your readers want. You write that NLU is "[a] blawg that asks the question--Can lawyers be entertaining?" You post about a serious topic, Vioxx, and no one responds. But you're almost at double-digits with this humorous post. So, I guess your readers, like you ask, "Can [Evan] be entertaining?"


I need to check out Reno 911. I'm excited about checking out My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss - I heard the first week they had to panhandle and the losers had to sleep in an ally in downtown Chicago. I think reality tv should always be funny.


excellent. now i just need to hose myself down and find a friendly taxidermist.

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