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What is the new Law.com Blog Network? This is the first I have heard of it. Details anyone?


I just answered my own question.


Commenting before investigating the links Evan provided - shame on me.


JR: That's okay. The editors of this weblog (that is, me) are just glad you're reading.

David Giacalone

Evan, whatever you do, please don't mess up your weblogs with "billboard" ads similar to those found at the sites of the Networkians. [you don't need the money or the network] And, stop namedropping!


Oh, and I forgot to mention--I'm also hoping to have lunch with DAVID GIACALONE very soon, even if he is a little grouchy from time to time.

David Giacalone

Are you suggesting I'm not a bigshot?!


David: Damn. Now you've got me trapped. I only have myself to blame for allowing you to cross-examine me on my own weblog.

Let me rephrase my last response. Yes, David, you are a bigshot. I guess that means lunch is off. Sorry.

David Giacalone

If you're ever in Schenectady around lunchtime (and before naptime), I'll try to squeeze you in. Just don't expect haikuEsq to refer to you as "really cool."

Matt Homann

I've always wanted to be a "Networkian." Though I'm not really pleased about the size of the ad, I tried to redesign my site so it didn't look so bad. Also, if I were actually selling my services, or using my site to promote my practice (like Evan does on his Ill. Trial Practice Weblog), I'd think differently about having the ad.

With the Law.com affiliation, I should get lots more traffic, become rich and famous, have dozens of supermodels calling me every hour, and maybe make a buck or two.

As for you, David, it is great to see you haven't lost your edge, even with all of the haiku. ;-)

David Giacalone

Matt, I haven't lost my edge, but I do frequently misplace it. I do like the subtle redesign of your site. If any of those supermodels are over 40, could you please send them in my direction?

Federalist No. 84

David - all that Haikuin and you're still grouchy! ;^>

David Giacalone

without darkness, no light
without light, no shadow

I am not a grouch!
the curmudgeon

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