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I would like to see more analysis of blogging as a phenomena - eg. examination of blogging communities that have grown up (esp the fact that different people gravitate to different programs - eg. Xanga, LiveJournal, TypePad etc), or examination of blogging from a philosophical front.

As far, I don't think I've come across any indepth, insightful pieces into blogging as a social trend - but I might be looking in all the wrong places. :-p


When a post is about comments, how is a guy supposed to refrain from leaving a comment?

"What two football teams do you predict will meet at the Super Bowl, and who will win?"

I am not sure about that, but I have a prediction for the 2005 World Series - Cardinals beat the Red Sox in four!


but it must be in proper e-mail format, e.g., angryperson@angryperson.com.

Fake emails, like other fake URIs, are better done with the example.com domain, not random domains that belong to other persons, and not random domains that don't belong to anyone at the second they were used.
Otherwise you risk causing headache for the people hosting the domain, or get connections to places you didn't expect when someone goes and register them later...
You can never tell who will decide to register your angryperson.com ( http://www.regrettheerror.com/2004/10/comic_porn.html )

Sue du Nym

Will this be on the final, professor?


Is this thing on?


9. Before you click "Post" hit Control+C or otherwise copy the comment. If the comment is long and involved, copy and paste it to a word document in case your comment does not go through. It happens, and it's aggravating.


I have a comment. Am I doing this right!


all along
doing it
all wrong


Well, that's a nice batch of comments, I guess. I like the trackbacks too (a lesson for another day).

More importantly, for those keeping track at home (but not my home, because the people there I call on my cellphone), I made it safely to Pasadena. Like a fool, I waited until the last minute to book my room at the Ritz (where the Vioxx conference is taking place), and they only had the slightly-more-expensive "suites" left. It's in some separate "cottage" and turns out to have two bathrooms, a full living room, and a fireplace.

So to make a long story short, I guess the party will be in my room. I'd really like to post a picture of the fireplace, which is somewhat embarrassing, but I've got to get to work--that is, meet some people in the bar.

At least I got the Internet connection working . . .


I made it safely to Pasadena


David Giacalone

Giant fireplace. Full-sized living room. Hotel bling bling for Evan "Gary" Schaeffer! I hope George Wallace finds your little cottage.


Sounds like life is good in Madison County. You hiring?

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