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Evan, Being an early adopter of technology, I thought you'd have been among the first to follow the great advice of Matt Honmann to "get a Tablet PC" if not the the organizational advantages of OneNote, at least for the bling bling for a wealthy lawyer.


Abnu: I only suggest bling bling. I don't buy it. One problem with bling bling: it often gets stolen.


I have been using OneNote since classes started in the fall and really like it, even on a standard laptop. Because I find myself only rarely straying from a standard outline format, I have recently switched to NoteMap 2 and find it also lacks in some functions but a free copy certainly makes it worth trying. As of a couple weeks ago, that linked offer was still valid.

Federalist No. 84

Do you use Bloglines to read your blogs?

Matt Homann

My Tablet is back! Left it a clients. When I went back to check there, they said it wasn't there. Turns out client's wife took it home, thinking it was his. Two weeks later, he notices a second notebook bag, asks her what it is. They put two and two together and now I'm reunited with my baby.



Federalist: I usually read weblogs from my blogroll, but I have a bloglines account and use it to read news-related RSS feeds and some other things.

And Matt, that's good news: I heard another account of a stolen computer and have been looking over my shoulder ever since.


Google Desktop is a great help with organization. Also, take advantage of Gmail and a Gmail Drive shell extension.


Furl is cool, but I really love del.icio.us. The problem with Furls is that I often want to save pages as a reference, and that doesn't do as much good if I save a copy locally--the page doesn't get updated. Del.icio.us works as the web should (IMHO) allowing content owners to keep their content, but allowing me to organized and easily referencing it by category. Also, because of the "social bookmark" concept of del.icio.us, it's almost like your own data-mine of the net. Damn tasty.

I use the hell out of Notemap, too. I've recently acquired CaseMap as well, and I'm going to give that a spin.

Moving to Firefox is a most excellent choice... it's a much more stable, safe, and productive way to browse! :)

Buzz Bruggeman

Thanks for the props about ActiveWords. I have just starting using MindJet to do some mind mapping. It is pretty clever stuff.

Also if you haven't tried, get a copy of Anagram, i.e. www.getanagram.com

Great product if you use Outlook.

Sam Hasler

I gave up on Google desktop for two reasons: 1) my email is Yahoo and 2) my word processor is Word Perfect. Google Desktop ignores WP files. Instead, Ia m using Copernic's desktop search and really like it. I usually have Firebird open (and Firebird is great) and it has Google right there for web searching.

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