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Have you tried to read Th e Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play? It's very funny once it becomes clear it's a joke, but until then it seems like one of the most bombastic works of pseudo-intellectual hoo-ha ever written.


No, but I'll check it out. Thanks.


Sheik Yerbouti, that was excellent....wasnt "disco boy" on there?

I recently got together with Rush again....While their style has really changed, I still find 2112 rocks like no other and all the world's a stage deserves another listen......

Poor Frank. I should probably get his bio since I am probably one of 17 people to actually buy the ENTIRE Joe's Garage album. Also, Frank kinda owes me for buying the rotten "Baby Snakes"....

Was there an album "year of the glove"? I recall he was on the cover with an oven mit ala MJ. Had a real strange song about a homosexual robot sung in german...

I saw the styx behind the music and it brough back fine memories of the pieces of 8 era show. They gave out Styx Belt buckles and everyone threw them at the stage after, I beleive, Pat Travers rocked the house....
Boy do I feel old. Then again: nollum tempus regi ocariat.


Chuck: You're not the "Chuck" who played flute in the Mucous Brothers, are you? As I recall, he moved on post-band to have a successful career as an artist.

Although I dissed Rush, Styx, etc., in my post, I do own 2112 and have listened to it in the past few months. I also recently bought "Closer to the Heart" and a few other songs from I-tunes. As for Styx, I only listen to Styx for its nostalgic value; after awhile, it grates on my ears. But I sure wore out their albums back in the day . . .


Sorry Ev, no I am not from the Mucus bros. Although a fine band name....I'm just a philadelphia lawyer who longs for the days of heavy metal parking lot hijinx at the Spectrum....

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