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practical paralegal

Sure it's literature. I've been mulling over recent disasters in my life, and have titled it "Changing the Cat Box." You know, it's one of those things in life you can't ignore but you're never going to crazy about it. . . .

Actually my best advice is go with your gut. I say that even though I don't trust my own gut recently because it lost its objectivy. But it normally serves me well.

Or to quote Luther Heeg from the "Ghost and Mr. Chicken," "When you work with words, words are your work."

Erik Newton

"One man's literature is another man's Da Vinci Code . . . " The author will be happy to know that his sentiments bore an uncanny similarity to those of Mr. Justice Scalia concurring in Pope v. Illinois: "I must note, however, that in my view it is quite impossible to come to an objective assessment of (at least) literary or artistic value, there being many accomplished people who have found literature in Dada, and art in the replication of a soup can." How very immodern . . .

Stephen Saul

For "Feeling Doubtful in Detroit":

Try on the poet's hat. I had limited time as a writer, and now I've had two poetry books published and I'm hooked for the long haul. I'm proud to call myself POET!

Also try writing "flash fiction." These can be as short as one sheet of paper, and there's a market for the good ones. Look for e-zines on the net that run them.

You might check into FanStory.com on the net. You can bounce your work off an international readership and get feedback. Quite a bit of it can actually be called literary criticism.

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