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Feadship is fine for big-ass lawyers, but younger sharks will want Wallypower.

The yacht features all the spacious comforts of a mega yacht together with the nautical characteristics of coast-guard boat, including a CODOG (combined diesel or gas) propulsion systemcommon on small warships, but rare on yachts. Three gas turbines generating 16,800 HP drive water jets - two steerable outboard and a non-steering on centreline. For manoeuvring and long deliveries, the steerable water jets are powered by two diesel engines of 370 HP each. The exhaust system is made of titanium that saves weight while being very resistant to the high temperatures generated by the gas turbines.
And, it's more practical than a big-ass yacht for a young associate lawyer on a budget—current market price is US $16.55 million when equipped with only twin diesels, compared to US $24.83 million as tested, with triple gas turbines.
The WallyPower is also currently being honoured by the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art as the sole boat in its major architecture and design exhibition, 'Glamour: Fabricating Affluence', which runs from October 9 2004 to January 16 2005.
Just in time for Chrismukkah.


There are also sailing yachts, which are even more prestigious because they require more maintenance and go slowly, making them less practical and therefore a better indicator of disposable income. And, of course, they are far more lovely to look at, and therefore demonstrate a superior intelligence and discernment in the owner.

It does require a special kind of mistress to appreciate a sailing vessel, of course. I would be happy to advise and assist any lawyers looking for help with this. Please include a picture of the sailing yacht along with any inquiry letter.


Why doesn't Willie Gary have a photo series of his yacht on his website? Is it because traveling by waterway is below traveling by airplane with gold-plated sinks? Or is he just waiting to buy a decomissioned aircraft carrier for his 737?


Steve: Oddly, I also find myself thinking of Willie Gary whenever I consider bling bling for wealthy lawyers. You could say that Mr. Gary wrote the book on it, in fact.


I go to LS in ft. lauderdale and I think that boat is actually close to 90million if not a couple mill more...saw it on a harbor cruise a couple of weeks ago...ridiculous...


Lawyers wishing to get on the megayacht band wagon are looking at delivery in 2009 at the earliest. The backlog building these beauts has more than doubled in the past 10 years. The only way to jump the line is to sign up for a used boat or a partially completed project that has been abandoned by the originaly purchaser due to financial reverses, either of which proably reduces the Bling-Bling value substantially...

James Steele

I love this. All the arrogant lawyers who own these fuel guzzlers are about to get what they deserve. Namely, a floating hi-class bar/whorehouse that they can't afford to move. If you think fuel prices are going to come down, you need to do some research into India's and China's current consumtion rates.Watch the "waiting list" dry up as fuel prices climb. Try and sell one of these things right now. Good luck. This isn't like the oil embargo of the 70's.That was due to politics.The current situation is due to supply and demand. I doubt there will be a recovery. So, the owners of these awesome yachts are going to get stuck with them. Of course, being lawyers, I'm sure they'll find a way to make sure I pay for it. And then of course, I'll have to find a way to sink the bastards!

Have a nice day


Michael Moore

I think there is a lot of naivete in the Article entitled Bling, Bling for Big Assed Lawyers. Our firm specializes in Marine and Aviation law and in the course of a year we represent hundreds of clients buying, selling or building large yachts. In this regard I could count on one hand the number of lawyers who own these luxury yachts and almost of them were so-called Tobacco lawyers. I think the author is confusing the lawyers with the lawyers clients.

big red

Why do you think the clients are "big ass lawyers"
Do you have a problem with yourself for shouting at the world like this?
Maybe you never made it to be a big ass lawyer?
Or did you just walk into something blunt
And this has caused you to stop thinking?
Big red

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