How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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I am a lawyer and hungry for cash. Can someone please give me directions to the "ethical nether regions" where I can make a lot of money fast? Please hurry. I need money for Christmas presents.


Most lawyers in your situation find it necessary to sell either their airplane or their yacht. If your situation is particularly dire, I'd suggest selling them both.

Andy Sweet

If you're a marketing law firm and you don't want to show up on such sites through the Google AdWords network, simply opt out when creating your ad campaign.

We do a heavy amount of online marketing and recognized a long time ago that Google's network has been on the steep decline which is why I have opted out for a long time. Sure, I might miss a lead or two, but it keeps me away from this sludge and a lot of click fraud.

It's sites like the Million Dollar Vioxx, sites with questionable and frequently incorrect information and the current flood of non-lawyers sending spam emails doing lead generation and then calling around trying to find someone to buy them that is going to come back to bite the us in the butt. As the web marketing manager at our office, I get calls every day of people trying to sell me leads from their email campaigns.(As a matter of fact, just got another while typing this. A note I received from another person in the office -"I just transferred *** to your voicemail. He says he has about 5,000 vioxx leads and wanted to know if you are interested in buying them.")

You think these non-lawyers care about breaking rules? What are their potential consequences? Slap on the wrist? That's if you can even actually track them down.

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