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Prof Yabut

Don't worry, Evan, the audience was not listening in order to make a fair assessment, they wanted their preconceived (mis)perceptions to be reenforced -- that's what talk radio is all about. Sounds like the host might be an expert on "holes," but maybe there are subspecialties in that field.

One point: You say "which is typical: injured people and the victims of corporate injustice don't usually have public-relations operatives to speak for them." I thought that ATLA (talk about having confusing acronymns in the same story), its local affiliates, state bar groups and advertising tort lawyers do quite of public relations on those topics.


Point noted, but the public relations efforts on behalf of "the injured" (and heck, that's about everyone, in the sense that anyone might be injured) have lately been absent, it seems to me. I think ATLA has been lobbying Congress, but they need to be talking to the public too, at least as much as the other side is doing. That's where the battle is being lost, even if Congress continues to fend off suggested tort-reform measures.

As for "advertising tort lawyers"--forget it. Some who actually make money contribute to various organizations and causes and political campaigns, but this is the great minority of advertising tort lawyers. The rest are too busy doing nothing but ruining the public's image of lawyers with their advertising. Of course, this is a broad generalization, and contradicts other things I've said and done. For example, I advertise myself from time to time. But I think that many lawyers who advertise are doing themselves a disservice by failing to consider their message--i.e., IF YOU OR A LOVED ONE HAS TAKEN VIOXX, YOU MAY HAVE A CLAIM FOR LEGAL DAMAGES--in the broader context of what their message is doing to the way the public perceives lawyers. There are ways of advertising that rather than having a deleterious effect, would fit into a wider anti-tort-reform context. Nonetheless, most advertising is junk, and it's no wonder the "greedy trial lawyer" label has stuck.

Caution and Disclaimer: The opinions I express in the comment section of this weblog are developing and may be subject to change at any time.


One group that is trying to fight back against the dis-tort reformers is the Center for Justice & Democracy. They've just issued a brief but stinging response to ATRA's latest "Judicial Hellhole" report.


"Why doesn't ATLA have a weblog--where the magic of search engines like Google would make its point of view more prominent on the Internet?"

The number one result for "tort reform" on Google is ATRA. Neither ATLA nor CJD appear on the first page of returns.

Jim Abernathy

Cheer up, Evan. Check out http://www.onesmoothstone.org


I'm listening to G.W. on webcast as I write this. Interesting that his invitation only audience is made up of MDs and insurane companies. The malpractice costs have not decreased where there has been "tort reform". The costs are related to insurance companies investments and the economic cycle.
Its disgusting to hear these greedy SOB's cheering for this idiot. Illinois has one of the worst insurance departments, when it comes to stopping excessive premium increases. Consumer's rights are going down the tubes if this passes. Now they think they have a mandate to pad the pocket books of corporations.
He's going on about small businesses now. Try some true health care reform, like a single payer system and approving importation of medications.
George is using the fuzzy math and "voodoo economics" his father accused Reagan of previously. People need to check the "facts". If George says it, don't count on it being the gospel. Look on other websites to get the real numbers.
I'm proud to live in the "judicial hellhole", Madison County. A Blue County. Where rights are still upheld in courts.

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