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I used to play Star Trek in jr high on the Apple IIe. It was pretty sweet jumping to warp speed and watching the 'E' fly across the screen.

I wasted so much time mistyping those Basic games out of those books.


Steve: But wasn't it fun staying up all night, trying to pinpoint the typing errors?

Matt Schuh

I'll date myself as being a little younger here...we spent hours playing The Oregon Trail on the Apple IIe. We died many times from cholera, but aside from any educational value this game may have had, I'm fully convinced we only played it for the excitement of hunting for the buffalo along the way.

Carolyn Elefant

Hey Evan, thanks for the trip down memory lane (memories have certainly gotten bigger these days of course!) I bought my first computer, an Apple II SE in 1987, at the beginning of my third year of law school with savings from high paying biglaw summer job. Even with the school's student discount, the machine and printer were something like $1850 - it was the biggest check I'd ever written. Of course, I quickly began to earn back my investment by starting a resume and letter writing service. Back then, so few students knew how to draft a resume on a computer that they'd pay me $35-$50 per resume and a $1.00 a cover letter. I made several hundred dollars from my business by the end of the year (only to have to spend it to pay for my Bar Review course)
Unfortunately, my computer met its untimely demise two years after I graduated. I was out of town for the weekend and a pipe burst in my apartment building, destroying my computer. I received an insurance check for $600 salvage value but at that time (1990), it wasn't enough to buy a new machine. I didn't get my own machine again until 1994 when I started my law firm and then, it was a PC, not an Apple.


I played the "Oregon Trail" or something like that. Around '86, I think.


Matt: Oregan Trail was THE game in elementary school. I would love to play that game again.


Oregan trail was the best thing about school. It taught me that even if I killed four buffalo, I would only be able to carry about 1/10 the weight of a single buffalo and would have to leave the rest to the wolves.

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