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Is this Lawyer Stuff or Bling Bling?

I find it fascinating that you're recommending a coffee-maker that produces coffee at a temperature at least sixty degrees above that the American Trial Lawyers Association says is fit for human consumption. Think of the liability risk you're taking because of your failure to warn! Many of your readers may not realize that coffee and steam are hot.

Also, it's Bose, not Boise, though I personally make do with the earpods provided by Apple.


Ted: Good to hear from you. Since you're chiming in on coffee, it might be a good time to remind new readers at The Legal Underground that you are the proud holder of this site's "Most Knowledgeable About Coffee Makers" honor, which I awarded you in this much-talked-about post. So it didn't surprise me to see your comment.

As for the substance of your comment, I'm personally a little sick of ATLA, but that'll have to wait for another post. Not that I'm not with the trial lawyers, however--obviously, I'm recommending this particular coffeemaker because I'm hoping that people will burn themselves with it, then call upon me to represent them. You might have said it yourself one time: creating litigation is what lawyers like Evan Schaeffer do.

We're taking over the world, you see, 40% at a time. As for Boise, I seem to recall that it's a city in Idaho. You are correct that it's Bose that makes the speakers. I've corrected the error, but rest assured, I'll one day own them both. Thanks!


I personally prefer the Keurig Single-Cup Brewer. Although the KCups from Green Mountain are pricey, you can get them on the internet from other places much cheaper. And each cup of coffee is brewed to perfection. At 149.00 it's a bargain.


Sj: Yes, but is a one-cup brewer harder enough to service your entire army of secretaries, paralegals, receptionists, bookeepers, and file clerks? You don't want them to have to stand in line for coffee. It would be an unnecessary waste of resources.


Actually the brewer is very quick and I use it at home. We had one at the office (I think Green Mountain gave it to us as a promotion but the partners decided to keep the sludge we get at 1/4 of the price). It was really great for late nights and the coffee is delicious. No one was really standing in line as everyone got coffee at different times. I liked it so much I bought one for home. It's really great and they just came out with a new one.


I like this Capresso coffee maker. The best deal online is clearly at JL Hufford.

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