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Shawn Henry

Get to know about Texans for Lawsuit Reform, a statewide tort reform organization dedicated to bringing fairness and balance back to Texas' civil justice system from the official site of the Co-Founder and Chairman of TLR , Mr DICK WEEKLEY


Judicial Hellholes and their findings:

Judicial Hell holes are the most sought after places of the litigation tourists. Such places have a disproportionate impact on the civil litigation. These tourists approach such places, guided by the personal injury lawyers, in search of a positive outcome like an excessive verdict or settlement, a favorable precedent, or both.

In the year 2005, six Judicial Hell holes have been identified. These being Rio Grande Valley and Gulf Coast, Texas; Cook County, Illinois; West Virginia; Madison County, Illinois; St. Clair County, Illinois; and South Florida. There have been few which are on the watch list for the possibility of becoming Judicial Hellholes in near future. These are mainly due to the negative developments taking place in the litigation environment of these areas. Such areas include California; Eastern Kentucky; Eastern Alabama; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Mexico; Delaware; Oklahoma; Orleans Parish, Louisiana; and Washington, D.C.

The Judicial Hell Hole designation is attributed to a number of factors. These include prevalence of forum shopping, the willingness of courts to expand liability through novel legal theories, discovery abuse, improper certification of class actions, the proliferation of junk science, strong alliances between plaintiffs' lawyers, judges and attorneys general, and the uneven application of evidentiary rules. Abusing consumer protection acts also have led to a flood of litigation in certain jurisdictions. Such Judicial Hellholes are a shame for the entire Judiciary System and can totally destabilize the economy.

Texans for Lawsuit Reforms have been active in transforming such Judicial Hellholes through reforms which make the judicial system, equally fair and balanced to everyone in the society. Founded by Dick Weekley the organization’s objective is to restore litigation to its traditional and appropriate role in our society.

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