How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Fabulous. I don't have an iPod, but I downloaded and listened to it on my iBook, and it sounds great! Great voice and I love the guitar. (Perhaps guitar background on court filings will be the next New Thing.)


Jim: Oh, come on now. You're sucking up to a weblog author.

On the other hand, your comment might have a positive benefit. When I played the clip for Andrea this morning, she was completely mortified. I mean, completely mortified. Your comment might go a long way to stopping the divorce proceedings.

As for playing the clip--yes, you're right. No iPod is needed. In fact, anyone with speakers and a broadband connection just needs to click on it and it will play on their computer. Denise does something similar in her post--she makes her "podcast" accessible by means of an mp3 embedded in the post. Go listen to it! (To Denise's podcast, that is.)


That may be the very best legal reading to music I have ever heard! I think that this should become the standard way to talk to the court.

Pull out that guitar for your next closing--really make an impression!


Perhaps it's just me, but I found it hilarious. I wouldn't mind seeing more of these, except possibly with more of a funk guitar influence.


Courthouse Blues showcases the tremendous talents of lawyers who can do something in addition to lawyering.

The practice of law is a demanding vocation, requiring tremendous time commitment and stress. Moreover, this discipline can be intellectually, emotionally and physically challenging. It only makes sense that devotees to the practice of law would need creative outlets to add balance to their lives.
Evan, you're an example to us all.


I'm probably in the minority, but no, don't jump on the podcasting bandwagon. My reasons, more or less succinctly.


CT: Yes, but what about the RSS angle--content pulled into your listening device automatically? Its not true of what I did, but true of Denise Howell's show, which was a true Podcast. Another random example can be found here.

Al Nye

I listened to Denise's podcast and enjoyed it. Evan, I also listened to yours. All I can say is -- don't give up your day job!

Seriously, it sounded fine.

Al Nye


Completely apart from the iPodder question, I'd love to hear more legal readings, from Black's or something else, set to your guitar music. And with the style of music to be based on the meaning of the word or words. How would "Decedent" 's music be different from "Progeny"'s, for example?


Jim: You're too kind. You noticed a had a "rescind" kind of vibe going. Just wait until I do "frivolous lawsuits."


Hello Andrea? What can I do to help?

Denise Howell

Evan, you'll be the toast of OpenPodcast.org! Be sure to submit it, and keep 'em coming!! Email it to Adam Curry too, it's just the sort of thing he loves to play on his show: adam@curry.com.

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