How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Brian St. Pierre

That was great -- thanks for the combo of enlightenment and entertainment. Looking forward to more!


Very nice reading, Zoe. I'm sure daddy could get you a guest spot on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where children read transcripts of debates by Fox News pundits.

Pundit. Now there's a word for you, Zoe. Is daddy a pundit?

By the way, Zoe you've got a unique name.


hi there, thanks for participating in my blog! You rock!


Tell your daugher she's famous with half my contracts class.


Derek: She'll be thrilled. Meanwhile, what about the other half of the class--I guess they were learning contracts?


That has to be about the cutest thing I've ever heard! Zoe is obviously at a very high reading level. Kudos to you for contributing positively to the gene pool.


Fedster: There is no doubt she is cute and intelligent, but let us hope she becomes a medical doctor! The poor world does not need another litigatin' Schaeffer. ;-)


JR: Agreed.


Well I couldn't very well turn the volume up THAT loud...


Evan, that is the most precious and sweetest voice in the blogging world. Great job, Zoe!



the dark goddess of replevin

Say, this sounds like a terrific idea. I am very fond of replevin (hence my nom de blog), and will record a dramatic reading of it for you. Unfortunately I am a technoidiot when it comes to sound, and the only way I could think of offhand to generate an mp3 file for you is to use audioblogger to send it to my own site and then send you a link. I'm just not sure the world needs a remixed version of the word replevin all that much. Now, garnishment on the other hand...

Becky Krichevsky

I have Webster's "word of the day" sent to my email. Is there a way to prompt the "legal" word of the day to my email? Thanks!

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