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If a law student doesn't have time to read novels, can books still be thrillers? Apparently so.


I will never eat chili again. :::shudder:::

David Giacalone

Since student weblawgers seem to have endless amounts of spare time and love putting pixel to screen, I suggest they write rather than read crime novels. I've never met Joseph L. Giacalone, and don't know if he is a distant relative, but he has written a book meant to prepare those uninitiated to the world of cops and crime to write crime novels. You'll find Writing Crime New York Style fully described at Joe G's website. For extra credit, check out his Mr. Murder site, along with the mob's greatest hits.

p.s. I've never eaten chili with a wrench and do not plan to start any time soon.

energy spatula

I'm taking a seminar on this exact subject this quarter (Legal fiction)...it's fabulous...lots of great things going on!


I have found that after exams I am incapacitated from reading anything that requires thought for a couple of weeks, and legal thrillers are just the ticket sometimes. Does Bleak House fall under "legal thriller?"


read ur not on legal thrillers- i agree, and i am including this note with credits attached to the new edition of my work A FICTION OF LAW: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO LEGAL THRILLERS.
lawyer & the numero- uno legal thriller lover
sr. reviewer (legal thrillers) rebeccasreads.com


Turrow's fictional city and county are Chicago and Cook County, thinly disguised. (Unless he's being pressed by a local judge who's concerned that his fictional city and county full of corrupt judges and bought-off politicians are Chicago and Cook County, thinly disguised, in which case they're entirely fictional.)

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