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Cool post and cool trip! Is Sainte Chapelle where the Cluny Museum is?


Jim: My mother says the answer to your question is no, although the two might be in the same area. Here is information about the Cluny Museum.


Great story. My mother can't wait for the day that she can take Nathaniel traveling with her, and I'm looking forward to it as well!


Saint Chappelle is on the Ile de la Cite, further towards the middle than Notre Dame, next the Defence Building I believe? It is absolutely stunning.

I was interested in the pickpocket comment - I would be far more concerned about my money in the US than I would in Europe. I carried my money in a wallet the whole time I was there, but then my wallet was usually in my backpack since most of my clothes don't have pockets (and my backpack was locked with combination locks - a very handy tip!), or was in the front pocket of my pants where it would be very hard for a pickpocket to get anywhere near it.

The only hassle I had in 7 months in Europe was that my big backpack (which weighed around 30kg fully laden) was slashed in an elevator on the Paris metro on my way to the airport to go home - well, they tried to, but I had one of those uncutable cages on it and all they did was ruin my raincover. Ah well.

As for the problems facing Americans in France (in particular), I know many Americans who didn't get the same service I did as an Aussie, but just tell them you're Canadian - no-one in Europe (or indeed in Australia) can tell the difference between the accents! ;o)

I'm very jealous about the ice skating in the Eiffel Tower, by the way. That would have been amazing.


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