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"get InstaAnt to write a bunch of favorable webant posts."

That just cracks me up! Let's all call him InstaAnt from now on, shall we? Oh, but the tort reformers wouldn't need to "get" InstaAnt to spring into action; I'm sure he'd fall over himself with righteous indignation all on his own. That's the beauty of these tort reform ants -- they do all work together so well to keep the Queen Ant(s) fat and happy.

Have you been watching "Ants" or something? That's a totally socialist movie, you know, so it would be appropriate b/c anti-tort reformers are really commies.


I'm curious why you think InstaAnt is all that critical to the tort reform movement. The record shows otherwise.


Ted: I'm off to work, but I promise to explore your link later. Perhaps I should have said "Ted Frank at OverAnted," but it didn't have quite the same ring.

Eh Nonymous

Upon review of the evidence, I would agree with Ted.

InstaAnt is not, in fact, an automatic supporter of tort reform.

I would note, in passing, that InstaAnt _is_ in fact a supporter (and thus attention-focuser) for certain points of view politically aligned with tort reform, even while holding nuanced and intelligent views on what's right and wrong with tort reform, litigation, insurance companies and other topics.

He's certainly not an OverAnted, for example. OA may get letters urging them to be critical of corporate lawfirm abuse of the process, but I'll believe they evenhandedly criticize right, left, and center; plaintiff _and_ defense; injured victim (whether of accident or malice) and accused; and rich and poor equally when I see evidence of it.

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