How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Prof. Yabut

Your Honor, would you please advise the witness to answer the question?

Which question, Your Honor?

Asked and answered.


Ouch! What gave me away? I guess it was the cheese.

But how can you be sure that Rufus and I aren't the same person anyway? Have you ever seen us in the same place at the same time? I didn't think so.... If you had, you would have been covered in mustard.

(How's that for an inside joke, ey, Rufus?)


I'm fortuitously spared this problem, which I can sympathize with, by the lucky fact that nobody reads my blog.

Which means I only post when I want to, but then that's all any blogger really has to do.


As a random thought, while Scheherazade (the original one) had to keep up the stories, lest she truly loose her head, perhaps a more modern model would be Harper Lee.

One good book, and that's all a person need do. No need to let authorship become a monster.

Lee, by the way, attended law school, but quit just before graduating, finding the technicalities of the law boring.


I'm, who? What? I'm confus-- I don't think I'm Sherry. I mean, maybe. I could be ... but no, I'm not. I think.

Prof. Yabut

So, which Rufus is always ogling (and googling) the hot chicks?

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