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The only problem with Marty's request is that Bloglines *is* one of the many RSS programs available. RSS programs display the content syndicated in a variety of different manners--but they all do so in their own frames or windows, they don't show the *website* they show the content of the feed, and they properly link back to the authors original articles.

I think Marty's wrong, plain and simple. Bloglines is a tool I use to read an RSS feed. If there is another software package that 1) displayss RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom Feeds, runs on a server--not on my local machine--so I can access it on any of the four computers I use regularly, via a web browser, and that keeps track of articles I've already read, so I don't have to filter through old stuff, then I'd gladly use it. Oh, wait, there is! It's Bloglines!

Sorry, didn't mean to hi-jack the thread... :)

It's a very different beast to re-stream your podcast and *inject an ad into it*. Bloglines doesn't put random ads into other people's RSS streams.


Bloglines doesn't put random ads into other people's RSS...


Bob Ambrogi

Evan -- I wrote that article about podcasts the first week of January -- before you had launched your broadcast career. I did blog about you later in this post.


Bob: So you think you can fool me with your fancy timelines and links to posts and appeals to reason! But I am not so easily fooled! Now you must suffer the ultimate punishment: appearing in my posts, one after another, for months and months and months--or, at least, until I get bored, which, fortunately for you, could happen at any moment, because I have a very short attention span.

Anyway, now that you've come clean, do you think I should put the kibosh on the podcast I had planned for Monday: "Legal Things that Suck: Robert J. Ambrogi"? I thought it might be sort of funny in that I could say, "Hey, don't worry that Bob might have his feelings hurt--he's not going to hear me because he doesn't know this podcast even exists!"

Now it would only seem cruel and spiteful. Damn. And it also means I've got to get to work on something else, and quick--how about "Legal Things That Suck: Having to Say You're Sorry to Robert J. Ambrogi."

You like???


Funny the way the web is...it never forgets. I had a referal from this post in my logs today, a post about an issue long dead, and yet....it still lives. Imagine that.

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