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Looks like a nice piece of software. Too bad it appears to be Windoze-only. If you use a Mac, you want DEVONthink for these tasks. It will let you do everything taht Research Pro does (at least I think so), plus it's got "intelligence" to help you make connections btwn related items, which can be handy. I've used it for storing my research for legal memos and large writing projects and it's awesome. Oh, and it's only $75 for the pro edition, plus they offer student discounts. Highly recommended. (Mac only.)

Taco John

I like Microsoft OneNote for my notes, and Franklin Covey Plan Plus for Outlook as my project/research tool. Plan Plus not only gives me all those great Covey tools for time-management, but also includes Powernotes, which is based on Agilix GoBinder. Powernotes installs a print driver which allows you to "print" anything into Outlook (basically). From there, it's easy to send things to other group members, annotate anything you put into Powernotes, and prioritize all your work. So between sending web content to OneNote, and printing it into Powernotes, I can save virutally anything I need to use later.


Thanks ambimb. Hopefully in the next couple months we'll be coming out with a Mac version, too. That Devonthink software looks very interesting, though. It appears to look like a database, which is sorta what we were trying to avoid with ResearchPro. Anyway, thanks for checking the software out!


ResearchPro seems like a great resource, a lil' pricey but I guess you get what you pay for. Thanks for the pointer Jasper.


I'll second the plug for DEVONThink... One of the biggest challenges I'm facing as a huge consumer of information is organization and retrieval. It's why I'm having dreams about Google interfaces.

Now that I'm moving away from Windows (Yay, Linux! Yay, OSX!) I think DEVONThink is going to be my tool...

Research Pro looks like a really great start for the PC, here's a few features that would be important to me, that I didn't see as clearly being available:

1. Categories/Tagging. I want my Metadata. One of the tools I use daily is del.icio.us. The ability to quickly and easily tag an information asset with something that means something to me--and that provides a contextual reference--is really important.

2. Linking between related ideas. Whether it's based on meta-tags or content filters, being able to do a search for information about "monkeys" and then seeing that I've also filed information about "apes" or "vervets" would be really critical.

It's really about building a personal KB, right? Nice start, and I do think more professionals (not just legal) would really benefit from these types of knowledge management tools.


That DEVONthink program is a gem for mac users. Love it!!!

funknuckewl delahlio

...quiet frankly anyone who can't find their way around onenote is never going to make it through law school. as for research pro. one word. uhhhhhhh GLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

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