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Evan, I thought it was especially interesting the way you promulgated
Kunstler's current post "Born Again" without actually associating
yourself with those views. Very clever.


Evan: Kunstler is indeed "highly opinionated." I never read his blog before today.

Abnu: I just read that post you linked to and got a good laugh. I am a Protestant evangelical--you know one of those stupid people he talks about.

I like this comment: "Friends of mine are alarmed about the rise of the
Pentecostals and evangelicals. Personally, I think there is going to be a hearty backlash against them. It is beginning to look too obvious that they don't care about several crucial aspects of the human project in its current form. They don't care about global warming. They don't care about the gathering world energy crisis. They don't care about America's phony economy based on ever more suburban development."

My religion tells me to be a good steward of what was entrusted to me. I deeply care about the environment and the economy. I wish to perserve both for generations to come. And you know what, there are plenty of others like me.


Abnu: Thanks for saying I'm clever, but please don't give me too much credit. I meant merely to highlight a weblog that I like to read. Whether I agree with specific opinions expressed within the weblog was beyond the scope of the post. Besides, as you know, if I want to state strong opinions and call them my own, I'm capable of doing it without the use of innuendo.


Archives of the blog can be located here:


All best,

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