How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Wow. Nice work.


Great story. I love how you capture a relationship in a few short paragraphs, and how you reference the first sentence in the last. I also like the ending -- you come to the point and then end without belaboring it, leaving some question about what will happen next. A lesser story (or a typical movie) would have an unnecessary coda with her walking out the door.

One suggestion, if I may? The end of the last sentence seems a little too pat: "it occurred to him that the one shock he hadn’t prepared for might turn out to be the biggest one of all." Maybe a shorter version that sounds less like the moral at the end of the story, like, "it occurred to him that there was one shock he hadn't prepared for."


Evan: Good stuff.

Deborah Quinn

I have one question. When I went to school a long time ago to study criminal justice there was a story told about why a lwyer always presumes his client is innocent. It had to do with a Brother and sister who got into a car drunk aftera aprty and the car tipped over killing the sister. The boy how ever did not remember any thing from the party or who was driving and he was arrested for drunk driving. The Lawyer I think figure out that by the description of the accident he had a nagging feeling aobut everything. After continuously reviewing the evidence he saw somemthing that no one picked up on before. He knew that if the boy was found on one side of the car and the car was facing a certain way then he could not have been the one driving. There fore even though the boy and every one else thought he was driving, the lawyer knew he was innocnet and defended the boy based on this revelation and the boy was released. I htink this sotry took place in like the forties or fifties or something like that. I wondered if you know where I can get that story from. I want to be able to tell soem onethis story but I can't remember the exact details of the case. can you help????

King of hte Cows

Wow, Marie's a bitch.


Wow, nice lesson. Don't join a law factory. Don't marry a shallow, golddigging bitch.

Well-written, though.

Christopher Glenn

This is brilliant work. Your style is completely accessible and yet very rich. I look forward to following your writing career.

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