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david giacalone

Evan, this might not be the best prophylactic for a weblog hoping to avoid spawning comment-and-referer spam. Is it sweeps month again in the blawgiverse?


David: I've got much bigger things planned for sweeps month. But when is it?

david giacalone

Once again nudged by one of your reply-questions, I just did some Googling and learned that tv "sweeps month" actually takes at least three times a year (which is kind of a lot) -- Feb., May, and Nov. In addition:

(1) on the internet, May is sweeps month, according to Webby Awards launches Internet Sweeps Month;

(2) one Slate columnist has nicely summed up everything that's wrong with sweeps month, as has the Sun-Sentinel's Melanie McFarland;

(3) in Downtown Evansville, sweeps month goes from late April to late May, but it involves actual, physical cleaning up; maybe you could bring a broom and join in;

(4) we brought sweeps month to Iraq

I'm ignoring your "much bigger" terminology.


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