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This is interesting, but have you ever covered STanley Hilton's case concerning 9/11 i think you'll find it more interesting- he's a lawyer practising in San Franscisco and was the former chief aid to senator Bob Dole( reputable republican)- theis man has also launched a lawsuit concerning 9/11 but its been along time since i heard anything about it- would you mind covering this in the name of freedom of speach- you still believe in that don't you?


Roys: Yes, I am a card-carrying freedom-of-speech lover. Never stopped believing in it, in fact.

Since all freedom-of-speech lovers are welcome here, I'm glad you stopped by. I'm not sure I'll have time for Mr. Hilton, though. If not, don't fret--it's not because I don't love freedom of speech. It's just because I don't have time. Okay?

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