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Bill Childs

Interesting post. It, and the recent post about ATLA's perceived woes, got me to finally write something I'd been intending to write for a while -- see it here.

J Arthur Kontac

Wonderful opening salvo by the Bush administration II!! It is now onward and upward to med mal reform, limits on egregious attorney fees and others. Finally, our congressmen have told the ATLA their glory days are coming to a long-awaited end. The same has happened to medicine and accounting (in no small part d/t attorneys) and it will be a wonderful day when tort lawyers find their salaries tarnished by the excesses of the squeegy boys whose so-called redistribution of wealth merely serves to enrich themselves (think Edwards, all tobacco lottery recipients, etc..).


JAK: It seems your mind might have been coopted by the administration of King George. Remember, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, even if it belongs to a 6th year surgical resident. I would be interesting to know when this meeting between your congressmen (they're mine congressmen too, you know) and ATLA supposedly happened--you know, the one where the congressmen said ATLA's glory days are over. It must have been quite a scene.

Although I think your comment is over-the-top, beginning as it does with the "Onward Christian Soldiers" connotation, I must say that the parallel you draw to doctors and accountants is interesting. You are saying, though, that it was also a "good thing" when those groups were taken down a notch? Or does that upset you?

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