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Well, this provides a good example of why copyright (and IP) should be added to the bar exam.


Wow. Okay, granted I want to specialize in intellectual property law, but did this guy never read International News Service v. The Associated Press in his entire law school career? :)


At least INS took the time to rewrite the articles they borrowed from AP. I don't think that was a copyright case in the sense that this is. I'm still with Justices Brandeis and Holmes in that one.

Waldo Jaquith

Eh, a lot of highly-knowledgeable people are unclear on fair use and, to be fair, it is a fuzzy concept. I run a Charlottesville news blog, and I regularly excerpt several consecutive sentences, and nobody minds. Another popular Charlottesville news blog has reproduced hundreds (thousands) of entire articles from publications and, as best I know, nobody's ever complained.

Anyhow, I certainly can sympathize with both sides here, but it seems like a good solution has been arrived at and a lesson has been learned.

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