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Wow. I thought "someone who is cold as the vast Antarctic, unsentimental to the point of being cruel . . . etc. etc. etc" was cool. Maybe it's because of my deformative experience as an economics major, but I have really enjoyed Posner-Becker.

The problem with blogging is that one needs to write like Evan, a Volokh conspirator, or a Matt Yglesias. Posner-Becker suffers from the same type of problems that plagued left2right in the beginning: writing with the pretensions of academia. Seldom is any single serious blog entry sufficiently rigorous or even correct to worry about, Posner fails by trying to be both. But a successful meme will rise to the top through the enmangling steelbath of comments and trackbacks, which they seem to be getting the hang of at a glacial pace. Blogging is the uncut killer king hell version of the drunken lunch with your friends at university and some alcoholic contrarian hangers-on from a rival department.


Evan, that is one fine advice column. I wish I'd thought of advising Richard Posner to engage in catblogging. Of course, the costs of acquiring a feline, with the furniture destruction, litter box odor, feeding costs, etc. may not offset the increase in reader empathy which is generated to the extent...


So what is the URL to Posner's blog? I wasn't aware he had one, and I'm a little surprised he does.


It's a dual blog that he posts to with Gary Becker: The Becker-Posner Blog. It shouldn't be a surprise, he guest posted for Larry Lessig some time ago...


Ah, Paul, but as Evan and other "New Yorker" readers know, Posner already has a cat, which considerably reduces the marginal costs.

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