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Your correspondent in Philadelphia has even worse problems than she realizes if she's using the 77th floor bathroom, since the tallest building in the city is only 61 floors.


Dear Mr. Frank: Thank you for pointing out the error. As it happens, one of this weblog's young editorial assistants carelessly rendered "57" as "77" when she was retyping the original e-mail from the young woman in Philadelphia. The careless error was compounded when all five of the employees in the fact-checking department failed to catch the error. (It seems that yesterday, they were all drinking heavily behind my back--their excuse this morning was that it was St. Patrick's Day and they were "feeling left out.")

In any event, I've fixed the problem, fired the six employees responsible, and hope to start fresh tomorrow morning with a new staff. Please keep your fingers crossed.


It was awfully clever of you to keep the biographies of the fact-checkers off of your website so that they couldn't be poached by other websites. Well done, sir!

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