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I heard about your trip through a friend and have enjoyed reading your accounts of a city that I lived in for three years. If you have a chance, stop by the Cafe Slavia, which has been around since the 1890's. A lot of the big names from Czech culture have hung out there over the years (from Kafka to Havel). Also, if you're interested here is a link to some photos I took in Prague when I was there for this past Christmas: http://www.subcurrents.com/art/postcards.htm


Hi: I was glad to see pictures of you and Lanny. Post more of those. And the pictures by Justin are really good. Yours are too. Bye.


The Czech Republic is reported to have some of the most beautiful women in the world, and lots of them. Can you confirm or deny this fact for your male audience?


Uh, no, I can't. Besides, wasn't Bill Sasser always telling us that "the most beautiful women in the world" could be found at Vanderbilt University? Since Bill is apparently the authority in such matters, I suggest you talk to him. I'll talk to you upon my return.


regarding czech women: yes, the women are beautiful, but honestly i think the ratio is the same as anywhere else i've been. they up the antee with their bodies more than their faces. i appriciate exotic beauties more than the tall, blond haired, blue eyed girls that they produce here--but to each his own.


I've been picked up at the Prague airport and the taxi driver gave me a depliant with an offer of the private city tour. At the end I gave them a ring and it was cool.

Just see the link City Tours and Excursiones in Prague

Eris Manzanahoria

Here you have a new blog about Prague. I am afraid this is also Prague:


Have a nice day.



Hi, I just researched quite a lot about Prague as well because I had to write a blog post about it (http://www.housetrip.com/guest-writers-interviews/hosts-interview-of-the-week-prague/) It seems to be an amazing city!



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