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My little sister(Abbie) told me you had made this post. I always did enjoy your cochran posts.

Johnnie had stopped practicing a little over a year ago but made many public appearances and continued to open offices throughout the country. He was a brilliant businessman and like many articles about him have said, he was a great humanitarian.

We were told the tumor wasn't cancerous, but over time it was noticed that it was having an affect on him, most notably on the left side of his face. He was in hospice towards the end.

Like you, we were told he would probably recover. It's a sad day for the Cochran Firm. But I am sure his legacy will live on and the partners will continue to do Johnnie proud.

Anyway, was good to read you again. It has been awhile. I should try to get on and read more. You have quite a fan in my sister.


Hello Jenna, Our sincere condolences to those who were privileged to have known Johnnie personally, and to have worked with him. He will be missed by all. We noted Johnnie Cochran's passing on Wordlab, and reflected on the laughs we shared here at his expense last year.

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